Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A New Day

So much is happening!

-I've recently signed with my first agent, Renee Glicker of About Artists Agency, or "Triple A", as I've been calling them, since hopefully they are going to give my career the much-needed roadside assistance it's been warranting.

-I am (hopefully) graduating from Montclair in May. I can't even discuss this right now. All I will say is that A) The worst thing to ever happen to me was getting a liberal arts education, and B) Montclair State University is a gallivanting, cursing, cut-throat bunch of highway robbers. But good Karma, I wish them well (-_-)

-I broke up with my boyfriend of about 7 months in April, and it's just been very difficult. Wishing him well, feeling guilty, and then lonely on top of it, so it's been a rough month.

Here's to hoping the coming days will bring resolution, good news, and more frequent blog posts =D


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