The Penis Mightier

Almost 20 pounds ago... hence the cake... and the knife.

I know, some people might not get the joke about this page's title, but if you do- I hope you giggled =)

So here I'll sample some of my creative writing when it comes up. I'll try to post a blog entry to let you know when I've added something new.


Yes and Know

I think I'm
happy for you I think finally
that I'm glad you're at least doing well although
I can't pretend that I'm fine with it all I still miss you sometimes
every once in a while I smell something fresh or I see a plaid shirt with holes
in it or even just a mild-mannered man I've convinced myself I think finally that I will be
ok with all of this and what was this it was some sort of freak accident the second you
think you're fine before an eighteen wheeler drives you sideways into the median it is the
song you heard playing faintly in your head but forgot to write down finding only later
that it was perfect and you should have thought twice before letting
go of it so quickly the picture you never took
or the shirt you never bought that only now when you see someone else
wearing it you can't help but wonder why they think it looks
so much better on them when you 
saw it first and they
will never