Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Actor Does What?

... Oh, right... he knits. So guess what I'm doing? I'm knitting!

Alright, folks, so here's the deal- For the last month and a half I've been a mess. I've been bitter about the stupid philosophy class, working two jobs (one that will definitely get its own post... I worked for Miranda Priestly), doubting my ability to break into this business we call 'Show', and just a plethora of other terrible things.

The point is that I'm making a concerted effort to put all of those terrible feelings behind me! It's time again, I think, to put that extra hitch in my giddy-up that I always seem to need. This time, I'm doing it by relaxing and having fun with the needles and some crochet-weight yarn. I'm working on some lace, which I haven't done in a while, and is challenging, but great.

I've been working on the Stor Rund Dug pattern doily from yarnover.net... awesome pattern! I'll post pictures soon.

Sorry this post lacked personality- give me time to heal, you'll get that sarcastic bitch back in no time.


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  1. As performers we just need to keep motivated and inspired. You've already done the hard part by getting an agent!
    Follow my blog on my experiences as a musical theatre performer living and auditioning in New York and feel free to comment!