Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Things Do Happen!

I know the last few posts have been a little depressing, a little stressed out, a little high anxiety, but I'm happy to say that this one is much happier =)

In the last, I guess, 2 weeks, things have just improved exponentially. My acting class with good ol' Georgie boy, (or Jorge Posada, as Brittany has taken to calling him) is over and done, and I'll probably walk away with a shitty grade because he felt he had to select me out of the group of 18 people to penalize for accumulated absences. But I don't care! The class is over, I HAVE to have passed, so I'm happy =)

The year is over, I passed all my juries (including my vocal jury, which was a FIASCO, to put it mildly) and finished all my tests, and even managed to feel good about some of it. Most importantly, I met (or rather, got to know) someone who's been making me feel especially amazing =)

It started off with a few conversations on facebook, very romantic, and then turned into dancing at Gala, and then became walks, which eventually led to semi-dates, which led to watching movies, and then not watching movies =D I've known him for a while now, but only really got to know him very recently, and it's just been the most amazing thing- no pressure, just being with each other and enjoying ourselves. It's been a long time since I felt this strongly about someone, and I'm glad it's him because he's very special. I guess we'll see where this goes =)

Besides that, I'm REALLY excited about my Mt. Washington Audition- it went well, they gave me some great feedback, and I'm hoping it might lead to me going and getting a role or two this year! Very exciting, I would love to go back and give Mt. Wash another shot, knowing better this year how to take care of myself, take advantage of my time there, and especially know my limits. I think last year I pushed myself a bit too far physically, and I wound up paying for it. This year I would love to go and just enjoy every second. However, I don't have the job yet, so I shouldn't say things like that... but I did.

Other than that, I'm just looking for work to fill the time either between now and June or now and September. Unfortunately for us both, my new romance lives in waaaaaaay South Jersey, and I do not... so I have to scrounge up a little cash to get down and visit.

So that's basically the long and short of life right now. Sorry this post isn't that interesting, I'm a little tired and not really feeling funny =P Next time, though, I'll start with a joke.


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