Friday, July 23, 2010

The Tale of the Egg

I realized that I have a lot things I've never posted here. I have some writing- poetry, short stories, and satires, as well as pictures and things that I've just never posted. I might make some separate pages for media and creative writing, but for now I'll just enter them as posts.

This first poem is one that I wrote quite a while ago, but for some reason I'm very proud of it. Feel free to comment =)


The Tale of the Egg

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
First off, why is he sitting on a wall?
We are never given reason,
Or, if you'll forgive the pun,
As to why this friendless
And forgotten egg
Is perched absent-mindedly on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
Was this some fateful accident or 
Are we to believe that
Poor Dumpty,
Or Humpty,
Took his life by choice?
This Frail,
And fragile boy (or man, I suppose)
Simply propelled himself
Toward the ground 
In order to lay himself to eternal rest?

Why is he so upset?
One might argue that he is an egg,
Predetermined by his human predecessors
To feed and nourish
Less honorable
If this is the case, perhaps
He chose to end his life in an act of defiance-
Cutting off his nose
To spite
His master's face.

Or perhaps there is unwritten
Perhaps a Misses Dumpty,
Or Mister, for all we know.
Maybe it is a broken heart,
Or faded love
That drove Humpty,
Or Dumpty,
To his own dishonorable discharge.

He's left behind several hatchlings,
That one day only be met with
Stares of fear
And sympathy. 
"Do you see those eggs?"
One might ask,
"Those are the Dumpty kids- poor souls."

And all the King's horses, and all the King's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.
Well it's obviously silly to me-
Perhaps it was the use of horses?
I couldn't imagine
That they would be very efficient
In re-piecing an egg
(Or, for that matter, any other broken man)
Could you see them
Clomping their dull hooves together
In a desperate attempt
To save the poor rudiment?
Alas, their clicking and clacking
Only crushing the shells farther
Into white pieces that
Sprinkle the ground like snow.
Their mares questioning,
"Darling, is something wrong?"
The lack of response
Is misinterpreted as a further disengagement,
The very cause of their ailing marriage.
The horses would lose their beauties
And their calves-
Possibly finding a wall of their own;
A morbid continuation of the cycle.

And the men sent by the King
Are of no use either.
Why is this egg so important as to
Attract the attention of royalty?
Was he the King's breakfast-
A poached prisoner
Who scrambled to find his own
Sunny side of the universe?

Perhaps there is more subtext than we might have thought-
Is it possible
The King- in a hungry rage-
Or rather ordered
The men and horses to
Feign horror and assistance,
Their passive actions causing the inevitable
Termination of our ovoid hero?
Was it vengeance
Inspired by abandonment in a time of
Required sustenance?
The whole thing seems fishy to me.

In the end, it seems pointless.
There is no proof of villainy
Or treachery-
No proof of malicious intent,
Or of purposeful neglect
By medical officials in the Kingdom of the Carton.
There is only a story-
A short, possibly metaphoric blurb
About a troubled egg
That is broken
And irreparable.

I think, sometimes,
That I'm a Humpty Dumpty.
I am broken by vengeance
And love,
And the King's men laugh
And point,
Clicking and clacking until,
Like snow,
I cover the Earth
And melt away.
How's that for symbolism, Mother Goose?


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