Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Everyone Can Suck It!

A quote from one of the best, Kathy =)

Just a couple funny anecdotes from today:

1- I went to the Public Library to see if they had a copy of "The Seagull" since I haven't finished reading it. Mind you, I worked at the library when I was 15 for almost a year, was no stranger to the premises, and even went to school with the librarian's son. I also had a book in my possession (not on my person, but in my possession) that had been overdue since, well, 2005. "The Complete Works of Jane Austen" was not only a book I never read for my Senior AP English class in high school, but was a prized possession that I kept on my bookshelf, seeing as I hadn't gotten a notice from the library asking for their money.

Over the years, the book moved from the top shelf of my bookcase to the second, then to the third, until one day it sat, lonely, at the bottom near the Bible and some Nicholas Sparks novels. It's presence, although somewhat forgotten, was not so lost to me that I would not be able to tell you where it was. And when Mrs. Wu pointed out that I owed her $21.50, that information became exponentially more valuable. I handed her the little brick of a thing, and she told me that since I returned it, I would only have to pay $7.25. Unfortunately (aw, shucks) I didn't have cash on me, and they don't take cards (no pun intended), so I would have to return with the money. Now, I am not a terribly dishonest person, but for $7.25, I could probably buy a copy of "The Seagull", and I wasn't going to give them seven dollars for a book they weren't missing enough to come get. Sorry, Mrs. Wu, this might be goodbye forever.

2- The point of this post, and the reason it's called "Everyone Can Suck It!" is that I have found myself in a very small, insignificant little Kathy Griffin situation. I was up until an un-Godly hour last night, and in an attempt to entertain myself I was cruising facebook. There happened to be a commercial on in the background for the new movie "Charlie St. Cloud". Now, it should be noted that I am not even slightly interested in this movie, Zac Efron, or playing catch with dead children. Especially the Zac Efron part. So I made a comment on my facebook that went a little something like this,

"Apparently, every evening Zac Efron plays catch with his dead brother. I'm glad to hear he spends time being entertained by a lifeless 10-year-old because now he knows how we feel when we have to sit through his movies."

 I know, it's not even my best work! But the point is, I couldn't care less about Zac Efron or his movies- so much so that I have never even truly seen one, with the exception of Hairspray, in which he was... well, whatever. So I made a silly little joke. No biggie, right?

Well, the responses I got were mixed, but a couple people were actually offended! One girl wrote, "wowww that was a bit harsh lol.. he's a great actor." I'm sorry, a what? Another friend who makes dead baby jokes and has a sense of humor possibly more inappropriate than mine (a quality I admire, I should add) said "haha burn... i dunno tho maybe it'll b good..." I also kind of find it funny that in internet slang these days you can add an apostrophe in "it'll" but leave the "e" out of "be". I've never really understood all that stuff though. And yet another person (who's said maybe ten words to me the entire time I've known him) said "mean =[".

Am I in the twilight zone, or is it the international "Can't-Take-a-Joke" day? The comment was obviously me just playing off of what, I think, is a sort of silly concept for a movie with someone who is obviously playing beyond his abilities (at least at this point in his career).

Like I said, it's not a big deal at all, it's not some huge controversy. But I thought it was funny, because this was my first taste of a joke really flopping on a broad scale. I guess the next time we'll see something like that is at the "Charlie St. Cloud" premier...


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