Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Silver Lining

... Sort of. While everything else is still a little haywire, I did have some small successes during my rather miserable and self-pitying day.

Dinner plate, salad plate, and soup bowl.
The first is that I got some new kitchenware today! Ok, so it is from Target, but what's the difference, besides price, quality, and durability? I was a little upset when I first got there because I did not want to spend $80+ on dinnerware I wasn't in love with, especially if it wasn't Williams Sonoma. But fortunately for me, I didn't have to take just one set that I wasn't completely sold on, and was able to mix and match some of the pieces that I did like.

Silverware... and a few cups.
I've always had a thing for black and red, but watching David Bromstad's "Color Splash Miami" on HGTV has had a prompt playing through my head- "TRY DIFFERENT COLORS! TRY DIFFERENT COLORS! TRY DIFFERENT COLORS!" So as I perused the different plate sets, I decided I liked the blue and the red with the black, choosing the blue for the salad plate so that it would make an interesting place setting. I also picked some simple (ok $10/20 pieces, aka $20/40 pieces) silverware, which actually was fine with me because I wasn't in love with many of the sets they had. And to hold them? Why this lovely, inexpensive metal-crafted holder.

The full set (Or at least two place settings)

And to top it off, I picked a new 12 piece set of tumblers, in "black smoke". Clear glass with a black fading tint- subtle, but pretty.

I'm very excited to have all of these nifty new gadgets- while they will obviously come in handy at school this year, I'm even more excited to know that as I prepare to move out after college, the list of useful things that can come with me is
getting longer and longer. I can't help but spend about 23 hours a day on, choosing only 3/4 of the store that would have a place in my new home. Of course, what home-decorating fantasy would be complete without the perfect person to share it with? At least, that's what's been running through my mind along with "TRY NEW COLORS!" all day... nope, not going down that road. This is a positive post!

With all these new additions, I've also been developing an insatiable desire to build something. I would really love to build a daybed. Why? Who knows? I certainly don't. But I keep imagining a beautiful, tiny apartment in the Gold Coast of Chicago with my bed, and a daybed. Just a thought, but it can't hurt to take up a new hobby, right?

And for my second trick today, I managed to take that wonderful, expensive external hard drive I bought after Christmas and actually make it work! Aaaaaaaaall by my lonesome. No customer support, no calling Carmen in crying hysterics begging for help, just me. Ok, so I did have to look up online how to reformat it for my Mac, but still! I actually figured out a way to fix technical problem! I won't lie, I'm a bit proud... and happy that I can clean up a little space on my computer.

Anyway, still a little tender, but at least feeling a little better after a cash splurge and a successful endeavor. Here's to a better tomorrow, and a nice dinner on my new place settings.


Love the colors <3

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