Saturday, August 28, 2010

Someone to Fall Back On

There's a very specific feeling that literally feels like your heart hurts. It's the feeling you get when you miss someone, when you've been hurt deeply, when you're indescribably happy... you know the feeling.

Sometimes it's the most amazing feeling- knowing you miss someone so much that when you see them it will be a weight off your heart. Sometimes it is quite the opposite- it is torture to know that the one thing that can pull the stopper off of this pressure is unattainable and you can't let it out.

I call these feelings "pangs" because that is exactly what they are- a sudden envelopment by this inexplicable and powerful force. It comes from seeing a picture, remembering what someone said, a word or phrase in a particular song, etc. There are so many things that induce "pangs" it can be overwhelming, and sometimes debilitating.

I wish that they would have stopped by now, and for a while I thought they had. I was wrong.

Here's to finding the next step.


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