Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Actor Knits

Well here it is- the first blog for male (or female, I guess) actors who knit! You can stop searching, as I know this is a demographic that has been longing for representation (much like the Teen Miss Deaf Black Mississippi pageant... how far can they narrow this down?) because I am here to appeal to the masses that enjoy pretending to be other people and turning itchy yarns into itchy sweaters.

Why, you might ask, would anyone want to read a blog about an actor who knits? To me it seems obvious, but I will clear your minds-

As an actor, I am trained to entertain- to dig deep into the human psyche and characterize the darkest, most vulnerable, and sometimes disturbing qualities of this crazy population... and what is more disturbing than a man making lace doilies in a fashionably off-white or brightly colored lace-weight yarn on pink aluminum double-point needles? If you answered "Being Bobby Brown", you are correct... but I would thank you to stop stating the obvious.

In all seriousness, there is nothing disturbing about a man who knits (unless he's knitting a willy-warmer... that's a little weird), especially if he's an actor. So I hope that as you read this blog, you'll enjoy some of my rants about techniques I'm learning myself and projects I'm working on, as well as my inevitable personal rants about pop culture, my life, and anything in between.

In short, hold onto your needles ladies... this is not going to be pretty.

Here's to a new adventure, new projects, and the ladies who lunch.



  1. Uh oh! I knit a willy warmer once.

  2. Lucky you, already two--make that three comments on your first post. Kudos.

    I've knit two willy warmers so far, once in public. You're right; I think it disturbed people.

  3. Haha to each his own =P I will never forget how shocked I was the first time I saw one...