Friday, January 15, 2010

Sleepless in New Jersey

Ok- I don't know how this always ends up being the case, but for some reason, every time I come home (as in back to my hometown) I cannot sleep. I end up working on some silly project, or surfing online until I look up and- oh! - it's 5am. Then I get into bed, say my prayers (not many of them, but it usually ends up just being my pathetic plea to fall asleep), and get ready for the marathon workout my obliques are going to get as my body hurls itself back and forth all night.

After about an hour or so of tossing and turning, I think, "Maybe a glass of milk and a cookie." So now, not only am I not sleeping, I'm literally tripping over myself hurdling OUT of bed at the thought of those cream-filled bits of ecstasy otherwise known as Oreos. Class... it's a gift.

Lovely- sleepless nights and binge eating. I'm about two shotgun weddings and an electric buzzer away from the home life of Britney Spears.

So now what? After several of these sleepless nights, I finally got to sleep around 3:30 last night (not great, but an improvement none-the-less...) only to wake up at 8:00am and, as you can see, not accomplish much else in the way of rem cycles.

However, to put my time to good use, I have decided that in light of my artistic disposition, I would express my feelings in an early (for me) morning photoshoot chronicling my dilemma:

#1- The Awakening

#2- Anger

#3- Disbelief

#4- Disgust

#5- Longing

#6- Fear

#7- Dimentia


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  1. hahaha you are my favorite. <3

    i miss living with youuuuu