Saturday, January 16, 2010


 Aaaaalright, now I've gone and said pictures and you think that you're going to get to see my BEAUTIFUL new headshots. Well, you're not, I'm sorry to say. However, I do have some pictures of my sweater that I had previously mentioned! This is the Men's Hooded Pullover from the DROPS collection, Magazine number 85. This was my first sweater, so I'm particularly

proud of the way it's coming out. I have had no experience sizing
a garment (with the exception of possibly determining how long to
make a scarf) so I'm happy to report that as of now, I haven't had any
major sizing issues.

As far as what's left to do on this garment, I'm excited to say that the
answer is "not much". I've started the right sleeve (well alright, it's not specified as the right sleeve, the directions just say "sleeves" and you knit it twice, but I've decided it's the right one...) and have only to finish that sleeve, the second one, and the hood. Then it's on to the part that probably scares me the most about this entire project- the seaming.

I can safely say that I am positively terrified to begin seaming this garment. I'm convinced that not only will my stitches not line up correctly, but that when I finish it will be the most ragamuffin waste of my time. Of course, I'm well aware that I'm catastrophizing and that everything will probably (I say probably with a hint of fear and skepticism) be fine in the end... but there is that "probably" looming dangerously over my head. But I will keep on chugging along, and hopefully, God willing, finish this sweater in the next few days. Of course, then there's the challenge of blocking wool... which I've never done. This seems like one of those situations where everyone will say, "Oh don't worry, it's the easiest thing in the world! As long as you don't stretch the fabric too far, ripping holes in your garment that, much like the box of Pandora, will unleash the very core of evil upon humanity and curse your future knitting projects, you'll be golden!" Easy for you to say, knitting Gods...

Anyway, I am definitely happy with the sweater so far, and I'll be sure to post pictures when it's finished, as well as a slightly more detailed account of it's assembly and my review of the pattern. I guess it's off to try to get some work done on it. I need a little motivation, though, I think. I can't help but be reminded of the age old story of Elaine Stritch begging Ethel Merman if she could leave a half hour early to get to New Haven from New York in time for her performance of Pal Joey, only to receive the response, "Oh for Christ's sake, Elaine, would you go to New Haven and sing the F@*king song!" If only I had such a poetic send-off.

Here's to not unleashing the evils of the world on humanity, finishing my first sweater, and the ladies who lunch (as well as the ladies who travel to New Haven under the strict orders of La Merm to sing f@*king songs).


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