Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Second Semester- Part 1

This semester has actually been off to a pretty good start. I'm on a pretty good sleep schedule (up at about 8:30 every morning... whaaaaaat???) and feeling great before each day starts.

I spent half an hour on the elliptical today and actually didn't pass out! I already feel like all I needed was a full break with no obligations. I'm glad to be back and feeling motivated to work, especially after the disaster that was last semester. As far as living through acting class, we'll see.

Tomorrow is the audition for Hair. I'm very excited, surprisingly nerve free, and feeling prepared. I just hope more than anything that I can come out feeling good about my work. I'm not looking for results, just a self-esteem booster. Here's to a good audition... and the ladies who lunch =)

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