Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tom Lehrer

What a DAY.

With a staggering two-and-a-half hours of sleep, I somehow managed to get up and function to even my own surprise, as usually anything less than 10 hours of sleep constitutes physical exhaustion. But with a full day of Top Modeling ahead of me I couldn't afford to be groggy- off to Dunkin Donuts.

My day started out with the careful choosing of several outfits, as I was having some new headshots taken! I normally despise taking headshots- despite my genetic predisposition as a homosexual to having my picture taken, I'm not much of a model. However today I knew I could look forward to working with the very talented (and coincidentally, one of my best friends) Angelina Krawec whose up-and-coming studio Forever Young Photography is definitely worth the research should you find yourself in need of a photographer.

While I'm on the subject of headshots, I would like to discuss just how incredibly frustrating it is to pick one. Besides constant self-criticism, finding every flaw, and wondering "What was I thinking with that pose???", it is just about impossible to figure out which picture any casting director or agent would ever want to see for any reason. As with anything else in this business, it just seems like it's all a guessing game where the rules are inconsequential and meaningless because you could have the worst headshot in the world, but someone could see something and call it "spark" or "sincerity" and there you have it... you're in. It's all like dating Chris Brown- one minute you're cruising at fifty, the next you've got a steak on your eye and you're telling people you fell down the stairs- you just never see anything coming.

Anyway, I came home and played a little Jenga and a VERY addicting card game called 'ka-bing' with Angelina, and now I'm finishing the day with a diet snapple and bags under my eyes (expensive designer bags, but bags none the less). Here's to hoping tomorrow is equally productive and entertaining, getting a good night's sleep, and the ladies who lunch... I'll be lucky if I can sit up, let alone 'rise'.

OH and PS- I found a GREAT new audition song. I know a thousand people probably already know it, and I'm sure it's overdone, but it's right up my alley. The song is called "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" by Tom Lehrer. A very funny parody of the classic showtune about fine spring days, claiming it is only enjoyable once the singer can poison the pigeons in the park. Very cute, noel coward-esque, and has some great cuts for auditions. Now to print it, prepare it, and get it in my book...

PPS- Headshot pictures to come once they're edited, not to mention pictures of my current knitting project, the DROPS Men's Pullover from Magazine 85. It's coming along beautifully with the front and back done and the right sleeve begun. Just a sleeve-and-a-half, a hood, and some seaming away from my first sweater =)


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