Thursday, February 11, 2010

Krazy Faces

Let me tell you one thing about making masks- all of the fun stops when you start gluing the pieces together. The finished product is looking great, but my hands are COVERED in Krazy glue.

The other dilemma I had when I woke up to find my pieces dry, was that they had also shrunk a lot more than I had anticipated. I had assumed that they would shrink a little, but the cheek bones didn't even fit in their original places. After a bit of tweaking, though, I adjusted them to their closest fit, and I will fix the rest when I start painting. Overall, though, it's looking awesome... was there ever a doubt? =P

A few pictures-

The original concept drawing. I couldn't take a picture yesterday since the pieces were drying on my notebook. The drawing was made using a process I learned in class- reading the play and writing down character attributes (ie: wide, shadowy, fearful, dramatic, scheming, etc.). Then you write alongside those attributes objects that physicalize that attribute. Using those objects, you start to draw the character, seeing how those objects inspire you, including the shapes, textures, and colors of the face.

The mask glued together.

The mask next to the concept drawing.
The mask is drying now, so hopefully in an hour or two I'll be able to start working on some of the final gluing elements and the painting. I've decided to make a sort of papier mache gloss to cover some of the more fragile looking areas, and also to fill in some of the places where shrinkage made the pieces less close to the skin of the mask. I may also use it to blend edges so that when I start painting it will look a bit more seamless.

For now, though, it's shower time...


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