Thursday, February 4, 2010

Come On In From the Outside

Today was a pretty terrible day, although I must say a lot of people had it worse.

The day started off with very little and very poor sleep, and I somehow managed to squirm out of bed to get to my acting class. Let me tell you, it was really worth getting out of my warm bed and my pajamas to go to YET another class where Jorge Cacheiro systematically humiliates you in front of your peers and then offers no consolation or useful criticism. Instead, somehow, acting class has turned into a forum for discussing the anecdotes he picks up on the sets of "Scrubs" and "The Wire". We get it, you love the wire. Now let's work on some acting technique, shall we?

As I left that class feeling broken once again and convinced that I was not cut out for this profession, I made my way over to my Religion class in Dickson Hall (yeah, I giggled too... especially because it's across the road from Morehead Hall... What????). As I walked, I texted my roommate Brittany, telling her just exactly what I thought of this lousy school and its useless professors... and stepped in a puddle that was anywhere between 3-4 hundred feet deep. That's a rough estimate, but I can gauge it tomorrow. It was a lot like the scene from Bruce Almighty, only if I'd walked back across it, I would not have walked on top of the water. Where are my Jesus powers, Jim Carey?

Anyway, I decided to skip Religion, went and sang for a bit, and then went to work where my boss, the Balrog, proceeded to have me change the labels in her planner. It was really a hoot, I'm apparently not playing this up enough for you. Parker Brothers is planning an adaptation... just wait.

Finally, I got home and had a chance to sit for a few minutes before I got dressed to go to the wake of a friend's mother. And thus, I have reached the point of my story-

Today was so unbelievably heartbreaking- to see someone in so much pain, someone who is usually so full of life and joy, and to know that there is nothing you can do to help is one of the most vulnerable and terrible feelings in the world. He is a very strong person, and I know that he will make it through all of this alright. I just wish more than anything that he didn't have to experience this.

His experience put a lot of things into perspective for me. In any context, these situations are extremely humbling. It is a reminder for those of us that are lucky to be together in this world that we have to appreciate each other as much as we possibly can. We have to strive to live life to its fullest extent and never allow ourselves to be broken... at least, irreparably.

I am very grateful for my life. I am lucky to have such close, beautiful friends, such loving family, a gorgeous nephew, and the opportunities and experiences that I've had. I don't take those things for granted, even for a minute, and even in my moments of doubt, anger, depression, and desperation.

Spread love. Spread joy. Tell people you love them. Do good. Strive to be your best.


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