Friday, February 12, 2010


So after about 12-15 hours of work (and over 24 in total) on this mask, it is finally finished in time for makeup class tomorrow! I am not one to pat myself on the back (I usually take a big ol' swing), but this one came out AWESOME. Definitely exceeded my own expectations...

I'm gonna skip to the pictures and give you a few details in a minute, because if I don't, I may piddle-

This is the finished mask! All of the creases and edges were blended using a combination of:
1) Zap-a-Gap Krazy glue, intended to fill gaps
2) A papier mache mix made of 1 part water and 2 parts elmer's white glue. This came in VERY handy in filling gaps, covering any areas where new clay was applied to fill gaps, and concealing edges.
3) The paint itself. Thank God the brown was very thick and could be used to blend a lot.

Overall, there are still some rough edges and creases, but I like the effect they give the mask- afterall, Caliban is no looker.

Next to the rendering.

 Close-up of the eyes. They look even better in person... big ol' swing...

Close-up of the chin. Some fixing was done around the edges using new clay, zap-a-gap, AND the elmer's... lots of work, but it paid off. The lips have a translucent orange on them. Unfortunately, it didn't show up much in this picture...

And there you have it! I'm very proud of this one. The effort was definitely worth the end product, and thank the lord for that snow day! Never could have done this in one night...

Hope I'll have more stuff to show soon. What's the next big project??? My hands are itching to do something else...

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